Core values

We share with all our teams, six core values that have inspired the creation of NEXYME and guide our everyday relationships and decision-making.


Partnership and trust: we are aware that our customers' transformation issues often result in highly strategic decision making and involving the future of the organization. For this reason, all our interventions are intended to build a strong relationship, with a long-term view, risk sharing and the aim to obtain visible and sustainable improvement in the performance of our customers.

Proximity: we work together with internal teams of our customers, in a desire to capitalize on the achievements of the company, encourage involvement and ensure ownership of the identified solutions.

Pragmatism: the transformation is not an end in itself; Therefore, we strive constantly to propose and seek the most practical and innovative solutions, enabling our customers to obtain high value added from transformation opportunities.

Experience: During our work with clients, our confidence in the potential of achieving innovative solutions is essentially based on industrial experience (direct or cross-sectoral) of our teams. This experience feedback is driven by the desire to recruit and promote the best talent internally, and animation of an external network of international experts.

Creativity: While aproaching the itransformation issue for the first time, we will voluntarily adopt a "false naive" attitude. This mindset allows us initially to think outside the box, and then select only the solutions compatible with the company's space constraints.

Enthusiasm: because we believe in the vision of NEXYME and put our dynamism to its realization!