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Co-Innovation of Products and Services

At NEXYME, innovation means creating a new and differentiating concept (product, service or process), which corresponds to a real market need and results in significant value creation for the company or public organization.

Our offer support top executives strategic marketing / innovation and research departments, in defining and implementing their innovation plans at 2, 5 or 10 years.

In our interventions, through their cross-sectoral expertise, a long experience on all factors that influence a context of innovation of products and services, and specific tools developed by NEXYME, our experts are mainly working to:

  • Anticipating trends to give the company the key parameters of the context of transformation.
  • Install a creative mindset and enable the internal teams, for getting out of the operational routine of the business, expand the horizon and do not get locked into ready-made recipes.
  • Strengthening the customer's internal expertise when the perimeter of the transformation involves the acquisition of new skills outside the traditional areas of the organization or on technologies with poor internal knowledge.
  • Develop the relevance of the innovation plan, improve time to market and reduce investment risks. We are commited to demonstrate at a low cost, and as soon as possible, the potential for realization of new concepts in a market; We also provide a very high level of accuracy in the valorization and planning of proposed concepts.

A co-innovation project led by NEXYME is usually performed in 4 phases : market definition, strategic planning, operational planning and implementation.

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