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Capital goods

NEXYME, with its expertise in product and services innovation, allows enterprises in intermediate goods or end consumption goods sector, to find practical and economic answers to their specific innovation issues:

  • How to be creative and make effective targeting of aninnovation plan to meet the specific demands of different market segments?
  • How to identify new market segments?
  • How to invent the service or product that adds real value to the consumer and for which it is willing to pay?
  • How to be part of a new market logic with a more comprehensive value proposition beyond simple functionality of the product? (Eg more comprehensive value proposition: convenience (sensory), security services, recyclability, durability, miniaturization, resistance, ...)
  • How to innovate through design and perceived quality?
  • How to innovate by co-design (with contractors)?
  • How to innovate while reducing production costs?


The approach of NEXYME, combining multidisciplinary expertise and proven tools, allows the creation in a few weeks, of innovative concepts for products and services, with a real potential for a market introduction.

Our services cover the following areas:

  • Trend analysis and decoding of latent consumer expectations (insights).
  • The creativity of new concepts of products and services, including both the achievements of the company and the necessary characteristics to enable the company to differentiate itself from the competition.
  • Strengthening internal expertise on a given technology when necessary.
  • The integration of design and focus groups early and throughout the innovation process to demonstrate the reality of the new concepts.
  • Engineering of concepts during feasibility studies, design and industrialization.
  • A very high level of accuracy in the valorization and operational planning of concepts.
  • The protection of new concepts against competitors.