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Multimedia Mobile Services

In the field of telecommunications, multimedia mobile services segment carries numerous development opportunities due essentially to  the following factors:

  • The trend towards ubiquity of digital communications in every day life, and the intensification of the use of multimedia data for personal and business needs, create new expectations in terms of services and an explosion in data volumes transiting through operators networks.

  • An intense technological push resulting from many technological breakthroughs in broadband access, mobility, all IP, intelligent management of transport networks and the evolution of the global web architecture.

  • The essential role of the mobile phone that stands out as the preferred terminal for access to digital multimedia content. Travel, mobility, sociability, representation of space: mobile multimedia streams are at the heart of new lifestyles and consumption.

The specific context of transformation in the field of mobile multimedia services led to a complete reconfiguration of the value chain of the telecommunications sector, forcing existing or new players from the telecommunications sector or other sectors of the economy to position themselves in a strategy of vertical integration, horizontal or specialization in niche markets.

The interventions of NEXYME teams are intended to telecom operators, traditional media operators and companies from various sectors :

  • Innovation of service concepts with a delay of proof-of-concept (model or semi-functional prototype) of less than 3 months and a time-to-market between 6 to 9 months (finished product). We implement a particularly innovative approach, by exploring new uses from the needs of everyday life: health, safety, leisure, education, housing (home automation / building automation), communications, transport and urban services, personal services.

  • Technical and economic evaluations of mobile telecommunications companies in developping countries, during acquisitions or partnership operations led by world class operators.

  • Improving process maturity in the new area of content management (intermediation, aggregation of content and presentation of services) in a context of convergence of various media types.

  • Integration of mobile multimedia information systems for business purpose : relying on a rational use of new and complex technology offer in terms of access networks and service platforms, NEXYME teams allow the company to fully take profit, for organization and its customers, of  the many opportunities offered by mobile multimedia services.