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Public Policy


The globalized economic environment creates an unprecedented competitive situation for emerging and developing countries, which should both develop their strengths in the competition for international financing, meet the challenges of transforming their key sectors and respond to the pressing expectations of citizens in terms of sustainable poverty reduction.

NEXYME supports governments, local authorities and public bodies in the strategic definition, planning and implementation of integrated sectoral policies, consistent with the specific strengths of each country and adressing the challenges of globalization.

By combining our expertise in public policy and services co-innovation, the contribution of NEXYME teams focuses primarily on:

  • Improvement of quality of services provided to citizens;
  • Strengthening the operational capacity of government by providing appropriate tools and skills transfer to civil servants;
  • Providing a consolidated and worldwide view of the economic and technological value chain of each sector;
  • The search for an economic optimum for an effective increase of revenues and sustainable development in key sectors.

Our services cover the following areas :

  • Public sector reform: public finance, civil service, tax administration
  • Modernisation of Social Security
  • Privatization programs
  • Industrial sectors Development
  • Tourism Development