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Public Safety Digital Systems

Mobile_Security1Due to growing annd complex threats (terrorist threats, socio-political crises, sophistication of crime, various forms of trafficking, border conflicts, climate impacts, ..), citizen safety, asset protection and crisis prevention , remain major challenges to be adressed by industrialized or developing countries.

NEXYME offers consulting services and integration of global solutions for public safety electronic systems.

Our teams provide targeted answers to the security needs of organizations and public security forces, including the following needs:

  • Protection of sensitive sites and public infrastructure: video surveillance, access control, intrusion detection.
  • Biometric identification systems (AFIS) for civil activities and public security forces.
  • Identity documents management systems : national identity cards, driving licenses, passports and electronic visas.
  • Mobile secure networks for real-time interaction and coordination of public or private security forces (Gendarmerie, police forces, Customs, conveyors of sensitive goods, utility operators, emergency services, fire brigade, ...).