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Smart Electrical Grids

Energy2The electrical industry is experiencing a major change in recent years with the materialization of Smart Electrical Grid in response to the many challenges of climate change, energy poverty, growth in global demand and rising energy costs.

The materialization of the concept of Smart Electrical Grids, requires a new generation of power systems that can provide cheaper, reliable and clean electricity, by acting on six key levers:

  • Creation of a transactional electricity market for retail sale and wholesale of electric power, based on real-time pricing and effective participation of each actor from producer to consumer.
  • A better management of electricity demand for a better control of blackouts, based on more informed consumers, which consumes more intelligently and adjust their consumption according to price changes on the market.
  • A "Plug and Play" network allowing the integration of new systems of production and energy storage: decentralized generation with mini-power plants and renewable energies.
  • Optimization of costs and operational quality through the implementation of information technologies for the sophistication of tools for measuring network conditions and asset management processes.
  • An Auto-repair network that can detect and respond to failures automatically, with a high level of tolerance, in particular with cyber attacks.
At the heart of this major challenge, NEXYME teams bring their expertise and knowledge of innovative approaches to allow the traditional players in the electrical sector and new entrants, to create new high-value products and services.

With the offer Innovative Transformation Consulting, our teams co-invent innovative and operational solutions to enable industrials to build their strategy of differentiation or diversification:

  • Creativity of concepts for products and services.
  • Definition of strategic and operational innovation plans.
  • Design of models and functional prototypes.