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Technical and Economic Audit

Technical and Economic Audit

Technical and economic audit offer is intended to enterprises or publication organization top executive, in the case of an internal review, or intended to investors in the case of a due diligence.

The ambition of NEXYME is to provide the decision-maker, an independant opinion on the technological and economical valorization of a given assets perimter, in respect with international audit norms of the IAASB (International Auditing and Assurances Standards Board).

Our teams cover different fields to give an exhaustive vision to the decision-maker :

  • Secroral and technological expertise of the organization business;
  • Accounting and financial expertise, through our partnership with external accounting firms;
  • Legal expertise;
  • Fiscal expertise;
  • Contract management;
  • Organization and human resources;
  • Information systems and telecommunications.

NEXYME has developped a specific approach to address common challenges during audit missions :

  • "Smart Audit" concept : this approach allows to perform the audit in a very short delay (between 30 and 90 working days), and to obtain a optimal result by concentrating on the acts of management and practices with a significant risk of financial anomaly, whether intentional or not.
  • Involvement of a business intelligence experts, in order to find required information not available internaly.
  • Sectoral and technological approach : along with a classical accounting and financial expertise, we involve systematicaly senior experts in sectoral and technological domains being covered. The contribution of these experts results in a fresh look at the practices of the target organization, relevance and accuracy in assets valorization, or identification of potentially contentious management acts.
  • Emerging or developping market local context : in a context of globalization, the success of a technical-economic audit in an emerging or developing market, depends on the ability to understand the administrative, contractual and local regulations. Through its networks in these countries, NEXYME integrates a high level local expertise in each audit team.
  • Confrontation with the reality on the ground, through a strong presence of ourtechnical and financial experts in the field, for betterinformation cross-checking.